My Free Software Activities in November 2016

Welcome to Here is my monthly report that covers what I have been doing for Debian. If you're interested in Java, Games and LTS topics, this might be interesting for you.

Debian Android

  • Chris Lamb was so kind to send in a patch for apktool to make the build reproducible (#845475). Although this was not enough to fix the issue it set me on the right path to eventually resolve bug number 845475.

Debian Games

  • I packaged a couple of new upstream releases for extremetuxracer, fifechan, fife, unknown-horizons, freeciv, atanks and armagetronad. Most notably fifechan was accepted by the FTP team which allowed me to package new versions of fife and unknown-horizons which are both back in testing again. I expect that upstream will make their final release sometime in December. Atanks has been orphaned a while ago and since upstream is still active and I kinda like the game I decided to adopt it. I also uploaded a backport of Freeciv 2.5.6 to jessie-backports.
  • In November we received a bunch of RC bug reports again because, hey, it is almost time for the Freeze, let's break some packages. Thus I spent some time fixing freeorion (#843132), pokerth (#843078), simutrans (#828545), freeciv (#844198) and warzone2100 (#844870).
  • I also updated the debian-games blend, we are at version 1.6 now, and made some smaller adjustments. The most important change was adding a new binary package, games-all, that installs..well, all! I know this will make at least one person on this planet happy. Actually I was kind of forced into adding it because blends-dev automatically creates it as a requirement for choosing blends with the Debian Installer. But don't be afraid games-all only recommends games-finest, the rest is suggested.
  • Last but not least I worked on performous and could close a wishlist bug report (#425898). The submitter asked to suggest some free song packages for this karaoke game.

Debian Java

  • I sponsored uncommons-watchmaker for Kai-Chung and also reviewed libnative-platform-java and granted upload rights to him.
  • I packaged new upstream releases of lombok-patcher, electric, undertow, sweethome3d and sweethome3d-furniture-editor.
  • I spent quite some time on reviewing (especially the copyright review took most of the time) and improving the packaging for tycho (#816604) which is a precondition for packaging the latest upstream release of Eclipse, a popular Java IDE. Luca Vercelli has been working on it for the last couple of months and he did most of the initial packaging. Unfortunately I was only able to upload the package last week which means that the chances for updating Eclipse for Stretch are slim.
  • Due to time constraints I could not finish the Netbeans update in time which I had started back in October. This is on my priority list for December now.
  • Several security issues were reported against Tomcat{6,7,8}. I helped with reviewing some of the patches that Emmanuel prepared for Jessie and worked on fixing the same bugs in Wheezy.

Debian LTS

This was my ninth month as a paid contributor and I have been paid to work 11 hours on Debian LTS, a project started by Raphaël Hertzog. In that time I did the following:

  • From 14. November until 21. November I was in charge of our LTS frontdesk. I triaged bugs in teeworlds, libdbd-mysql-perl, bash, libxml2, tiff, firefox-esr, drupal7, moin, libgc, w3m and sniffit.
  • DLA-715-1. Issued a security update for drupal7 fixing 2 CVE.
  • DLA-717-1. Issued a security update for moin fixing 2 CVE.
  • DLA-728-1. Issued a security update for tomcat6 fixing 8 CVE. (Debian bug #845385 was assigned a CVE later).
  • DLA-729-1. Issued a security update for tomcat7 fixing 8 CVE. (Debian bug #845385 was assigned a CVE later).
  • Especially the patches and the subsequent testing for CVE-2016-0762 and CVE-2016-6816 required most of the time.

Non-maintainer uploads

  • I uploaded an NMU for angband to fix #837394. The patch was kindly prepared by Adrian Bunk.

It is already this time of the year again. See you next year for another report. 🙂

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